Nanina’s In The Park Wedding – International Fairy Tale

Nikonia: Every love adventure begins with a leap of faith and this story is no different. Karina and Galal are grateful to fate for bringing them together. Growing up in the different sides of the world, Karina and Galal are a perfect fusion of latin american spice and middle eastern sophistication. Their gorgeous wedding at grandious Nanina’s In The Park was an opportunity to invite friends and family from far ends of the earth to join in one place for the celebration of marriage and cultures.

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Nikonia: I met Galal bright and early on the day of the wedding. He was getting ready with his groomsmen and his quiet smile gave away his excitement and anticipation.

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Nikonia: Mourad, Galal’s brother, was helping him with cuff links and tie. What a model Best Man!

Nanina Wedding New Jersey-3

Nikonia: Galal’s three piece grey suit made him look classy and timeless.

Nanina Wedding New Jersey-4

Uncle Nick: As the gentleman got ready, aromatic coffee was brewing in the kitchen.

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Nikonia: Groomsmen looking dapper in front of their fancy white limousine.

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Uncle Nick: Limousine felt more like a spaceship on the inside. Gentlemen raised their glasses to the happy couple.

Nanina Wedding New Jersey-6

Sir Nicholas XIV: I couldn’t resist a fancy ride with the nice chaps. It was a real treat to witness Galal’s friends sending him off on a new adventure.

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Uncle Nick: St. Stephen Roman Catholic Church was tastefully decorated with gold accents and flowers.

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Nikonia: Delicate roses in various shades of pink were destined for bridesmaids who were yet to arrive.

Nanina Wedding New Jersey-10

Nikonia: The Ring Bearer took his job very seriously. In anticipation of the bridal party, I caught him practicing his walk down the isle and aiding arriving guests to their seats.

Nanina Wedding New Jersey-11-2

Nikonia: Stained glass windows of the church added a touch of grandeur and nostalgia.

Nanina Wedding New Jersey-12

Nikona: The bride is only 10 minutes away now. Galal and his brother are peaking from behind the altar in suspense.

Nanina Wedding New Jersey-13-2

Nikonia: And finally the processions have begun!

Nanina Wedding New Jersey-14-2

Nikonia: Flower girls were a tough act to follow…

Nanina Wedding New Jersey-15-2

Nikonia: But when the bride appeared in the doorway accompanied by her graceful mother, everyone in the room sighed with delight. Karina looked like a princess!

Nanina Wedding New Jersey-16-2

Nikonia: The Priest opened the mass with a prayer, followed by a few hymns and psalm readings by special guests.

Nanina Wedding New Jersey-17-2

Nikonia: The wedding party enjoyed the front row view of the big event.

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Nikonia: At the end of the ceremony, the newly married couple sealed their nuptials not with a kiss, but with a quiet prayer together.

Nanina Wedding New Jersey-19

NikoniaOfficially Mr. and Mrs.!

Nanina Wedding New Jersey-20-2

NikoniaWhile guests proceeded to the reception, I sneaked a photo of Karina with altar in back. She was such a vision on her wedding day!

Nanina Wedding New Jersey-21-2

Nikonia: Galal was smitten looking at his bride!

Nanina Wedding New Jersey-22

Nikonia: Flower girls and ring bearer show a little bit of their silly side after their missions were complete.

Nanina Wedding New Jersey-23

Nikonia: Nanina’s In The Park has a charming garden for bridal portraits and we had a lot of fun doing various poses, but this one takes the cake!

Nanina Wedding New Jersey-24-2

Nikonia: Here is Galal and Karina in their first moments of being husband and wife!

Nanina Wedding New Jersey-25

Uncle Nick: The reception took place in the cocktail room and ballroom of Nanina’s In The Park and it was an absolute dream!

Nanina Wedding New Jersey-26-2

Niko: Just look at that amazing chandelier!

Nanina Wedding New Jersey-52-2

Uncle Nick: Yes, I took notice of that too! They looked like giant snowflakes made out of crystals!

Nanina Wedding New Jersey-27-2

Nikonia: The tables were arranged elegantly.

Nanina Wedding New Jersey-29

Niko: Karina set her bouquet on the window ledge before her first dance.

Nanina Wedding New Jersey-53-2

Nikonia: Here is Karina’s gorgeous ring!

Nanina Wedding New Jersey-33

Niko: Dance party is about to start!

Nanina Wedding New Jersey-54

Niko: This could have easily been a party for Mari Antoinette! So chic!

Nanina Wedding New Jersey-55-2

Nikonia: After Galal and Karina shared their first dance, the bride invited her mom on the dance floor. I might have shed a tear as they embraced to the melody of “De Niña a Mujer” (From Childhood to Womanhood) by Julio Iglesias.

Nanina Wedding New Jersey-30-2

Nikonia: As the best man and maid of honor gave their speeches…

Nanina Wedding New Jersey-32-2

Nikonia: …the bride and groom were laughing infectiously. The toasts stroke the right chords with the newlyweds.

Nanina Wedding New Jersey-31

Nikonia: The cake, decorated with golden ribbons and roses, waited for its turn. 

Nanina Wedding New Jersey-34

Nico: As it often happens, the flower girls opened the dance floor for everyone.

Nanina Wedding New Jersey-56-2

Nanina Wedding New Jersey-35

Nikonia: Since it was an international wedding, slow dancing to Julio Iglesias quickly turned into energetic belly dancing competition.

Nanina Wedding New Jersey-36-2

Nikonia: Karina’s dance moves couldn’t be out-shined!

Nanina Wedding New Jersey-37-2

Nikonia: And of course there was some silliness before desert!

Nanina Wedding New Jersey-39

Nikonia: I loved how every little detail had a touch of gold to it! Even the party favors! And they also reflected Galal and Karina’s outdoorsy personalities!

Nanina Wedding New Jersey-38-2

Nikonia: Glass were raised again and again for the happiness of the newlyweds!

Nanina Wedding New Jersey-42

Nikonia: And then it was time for desert!

Nanina Wedding New Jersey-43 Nanina Wedding New Jersey-44-2

Nanina Wedding New Jersey-50

Nikonia: The variety of sweets offered was mind blowing! But, of course, the chocolate fountain was everyone’s favorite treat!

Nanina Wedding New Jersey-51

Nikonia: Wedding cake in all its glory!

Nanina Wedding New Jersey-41 Nanina Wedding New Jersey-45

Nikonia: Finally it was time for Karina to toss her bouquet and appoint the next lucky girl to be getting married!

Nanina Wedding New Jersey-47 Nanina Wedding New Jersey-48-2 Nanina Wedding New Jersey-49-2

Thank you, Galal and Karima for sharing your wonderful celebration with me! I wish you a lifetime of happiness and adventure!

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