St Patrick’s Catholic Church & DACOR Bacon House Wedding

Sir Nicholas XIV: Once upon a time in the kingdom of Washington DC there lived a prince. His name was Paul and he was not an ordinary prince. Instead of crown wearing and scepter wielding his heart called for exploration and knowledge, which is why he spent his days and nights learning the mysteries of our planet through that ancient sorcery we call Geology.

DACOR Bacon House Wedding

Nikita: One fine day during his studies, Prince Paul heard an enchanting melody and his heart, as though by magic, started to beat to the rhythm of the music.

DACOR Bacon House Wedding 2

Nikita: Prince Paul never felt more alive, the melody making him feel harmonious and at peace.

DACOR Bacon House Wedding 1

Nikita: But after a while the sound of music started to fade and Prince Paul realized that his heart began to beat slower and slower… The spell was cast and he had to find the source of melody lest his heart stop forever.

DACOR Bacon House Wedding 3

Sir Nicholas XIV: And so Prince Paul gathered his knights and went on a quest for the beautiful melody. The brave men left no stone unturned – they attended many balls and heard a myriad of orchestras, but their efforts were in vain. Price Paul’s heart was barely beating and time was running out. 

DACOR Bacon House Wedding 5

Sir Nicholas XIV: The knights traveled to far away lands and explored the world beyond the kingdom, yet fortune was not on their side. 

DACOR Bacon House Wedding 4

Uncle Nick: And then one day Prince Paul awoke from his deep sleep and – to his surprise and delight – the beautiful melody was back! It was just outside his castle so he hurried to see where it was coming from.

st patrick's cathedral washington dc wedding 2

Nikonia: There stood the loveliest lady that Prince Paul had ever seen singing an enchanted melody.

st patrick's cathedral washington dc wedding 1

Nikonia: Careful not to scare her, Prince Paul approached the beautiful girl and introduced himself.

st patrick's cathedral washington dc wedding

Nikita: He confessed that her song put a spell on him and his heart would stop unless she kept singing.

DACOR Bacon House Wedding 9

Nikita: Her name was Madeline and she was a beautiful fairy who also lived in the kingdom of Washington DC. In fact, she was studying in the same tower as Prince Paul for years and that’s how her melody traveled to him and captured his heart forever.

DACOR Bacon House Wedding 7

Nikita: Madeline told Prince Paul that her songs were born in her heart and she had to sing them; otherwise the silence made her heart weaker.

DACOR Bacon House Wedding 10

Uncle Nick: She said she searched for a cure all over the kingdom, but a wise old woman told her that music will unlock her future.

DACOR Bacon House Wedding 6

Nikonia: Swept off his feet, Prince Paul told Madeline that he had been searching for her and her enchanted melody for a long time and that he couldn’t spend another day away from her. He asked for her hand in marriage.

DACOR Bacon House Wedding 11

Nikita: She said yes and they wed in St. Patrick’s Catholic Church on a beautiful October day. Their elegant wedding ball was held in the historic DACOR Bacon House and they lived happily ever after!

DACOR Bacon House Wedding 8

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