Why We Love Fall

The answer is simple. Fall, unlike any other season, is a symbol of change. And with change comes hope. We all have big hopes for 2016. And big hopes take a lot of bravery and strength. So as the trees are shedding leaves, we need to start shedding our fears and prepare to go through parabolic journey, just like the nature around us. We will have to face the lowest point before we get to ascend to new heights, before we get to bloom with spring flowers.

So for every fallen leaf, let’s make a wish as if it was a shooting star. Here are my wishes:

  • I wish to make more room for important people in my life;
  • I wish to savor meaningful moments;
  • I wish to grow my business;
  • I wish to learn something new every day;
  • I wish to stay inspired and uplifted;
  • I wish for a cute little bulldog named George (after George Harrison);
  • I wish to practice gratitude and vulnerability.

What are your wishes?

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