7 Photos That Prove Love Is Everywhere

Elton John sang “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” as we helplessly fell in love with Nala and Simba and he was right about one thing. The world is, indeed, in a perfect harmony with all it’s living things.

Love is embedded in every cell of every living creature!

Tweet: Love is embedded in every cell of every living creature @1001angles

Remember that time your boyfriend/fiance/husband got you tickets to see your favorite band? That was love!

Or that time your toddler picked up the prettiest autumn leaf and gave it to you like the fanciest of flowers? That was also love!

Or that time your sister shared her favorite recipe with you? Love, of course!

And if you need any more evidence, feel free to indulge in tender moments between those who love each other below!

Simba and Nala
Brother And Sister Cuddling While Plotting Next Mischief
Yellowstone Buffalo Family
Mother And Son Bonding Over A Hike In Yellowstone
Parent and child giraffe at Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
Baby’s First Steps
Cuban Farm Chicken
Morning Family Walk
Gorillas in Rwanda
Baby’s Feeding Time
Baboon family, Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya
Family Fitness Routine
Elephant family, Tanzania
Mother And Daughter Playing Peek-A-Boo

I hope this brightened your day and if so – share with someone you love!

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