Four Fun Activities For Four-Year olds

Happy 2016 everyone! I hope your new year is starting on a high note and you are full of inspiration for making this the year of fun and adventure! Clarissa and Patricia – my adorable twin models – gave me a lesson or two on how to enjoy the outdoors in San Antonio, Texas. Here are four fun activities for any four-year old to try in 2016!



When you are growing up with your best friend by your side the world is your playground! With a dose of friendly competition, the sisters helped each other overcome a fear of heights and climbed everything in sight. This tree magically turned into a climbing challenge for them!



To mix it up and stay close to the ground, the twins came up with a game of biology researchers. Equipped with sticks and leaves, they examined a stink bug. Cute and curious would be the name of their team!


With a sprinkle of imagination any playground can turn into a castle, a spaceship… really, whatever your heart desires! Can you tell what game Patricia and Clarissa are playing here?


Of course, the best game of all is the koala game! Kids and adults alike will enjoy this one – all it takes is just being goofy and lazy.


Big thanks to Jim, Veronica and their adorable little girls for this fun outdoorsy photo adventure!

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