Surprise Proposal In National Portrait Gallery

What is the recipe for a perfect romantic proposal that every girl dreams about?

Start by picking a beautiful venue – Washington DC has plenty of romantic spots, but it’s hard to compete with the grand hall in National Portrait Gallery.

Shripal and Meg

Second ingredient is to team up with a musical band to serenade your bride to be – Capital Blend did an amazing job blending in the crowd until the big moment arrived.

Shripal and Meg1

Step number three is to come up with a plan of action – this lucky lady thought she was attending a reception in a museum when the flash mob performance started right on cue!

Shripal and Meg3

As a cappella group harmonized “Stand By Me” and museum visitors and employees started to tear up, the man of the hour produced a diamond ring out of his pocket and got on one knee!

Shripal and Meg7

How would you react to this magical proposal?

Shripal and Meg13

Of course she said yes!

Shripal and Meg14

Congratulations to the beautiful couple! It was a privilege to witness your romantic proposal first hand! Happy wedding planning!

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