Randolph-Macon College Campus Engagement Session, Virginia

Their love story originates at Randolph-Macon College campus, where every little corner holds special memories for Desiree and Andre.

Andre and Desiree - 14

They were friends at first. They laughed, worked, and went to library together, while their feelings blossomed.

After graduation, Desiree left to build a life in Arlington, and that’s when their strong bond turned into romance.

Andre and Desiree - 52

Distance only made their hearts stronger and now they are enaged and ready to march into the future hand in hand.

We chose Randolph-Macon College for their spring engagement session and it was a fantastic opportunity to learn about their history together and visit all the secret romantic spots on campus.

Andre and Desiree - 39

Desiree and Andre decided to order their save the date cards with our engagement photos through Minted.com and we were asked to be featured on their website! These guys are so gorgeous!

Andre and Desiree - 58

Andre and Desiree - 73

Andre and Desiree - 112

Andre and Desiree - 120

Andre and Desiree - 132

I cannot wait for their wedding next January! It will be such a classic affair!

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