Cedar Knoll Wedding, Virginia

Jillian and Elise’s story dates back to 2007 – they were colleagues and friends first.

Over the years, they fell in love over long candid conversations, adventurous hikes and square bagels.

They inspire each other and nurture each other’s inner artist, inner teacher and inner child.

So in the presence of their friends and family, they exchanged beautiful vows along Potomac River on a bright summer day.

Jillian and Elise - 67

The wedding colors of cadmium red, marigold orange, freesia yellow and cobalt blue were a perfect extension of vibrant emotions of the day.

Jillian and Elise - 145

I am so grateful for being able to share in their joy and wish them a lifetime of happiness and love!

Jillian and Elise - 215

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