Sugarloaf Mountain Adventurous Engagement Session, Maryland

Erin and Kenny were moving into their new home and their siblings announced that they have a housewarming present they would like to unveil.

Erin did not suspect a thing and was hoping for a vacuum cleaner.


To her surprise, instead of a household appliance she found a trail of rose pedals leading to their new fireplace where Kenny was waiting for her with roses and a ring!


Now Erin will always remember their moving day as one of the happiest days of her life – her engagement day!


Their wedding is coming up next fall and for their engagement session we went on an autumn hike and picnic at Sugarloaf Mountain in Maryland.



At the end of the session we all enjoyed a beautiful sunset from the top of the mountain, it doesn’t get more romantic than that!




Congratulations Erin and Kenny! Counting down days to your big day!


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