Meet My Temp Assistant – Lucan!

It’s no secret that creative entrepreneurs spend countless hours working on their projects in solitude from home or from a cafe. It gets lonely and it’s nice to break up the routine with some friendly cuddles from a four-legged friend. So when a neighbor asked me to dog-sit this adorable lhasapoo, I couldn’t say no.


Meet Lucan – my temp assistant!


Lucan was great at encouraging me to go for daily walks and runs in between client emails and photo processing.


One look into his philosophical eyes helped me find solutions to daily photographer’s dilemmas, such as what paper to use for canvas print and what location to recommend to my bride for her engagement shoot.


During his breaks, Lucan liked to observe squirrels playing in the yard. He probably had names for them and plotted their next encounter.

lucan12But of course, no matter how well we got along during our work day together, once Mark got home, Lucan betrayed any bond he had built with me and doubled up on cuddles.


We can’t wait for your next visit, sweet Lucan!





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