Dear Client…

Dear Client,

Let’s get a little sentimental and tell each other how we feel, shall we?

I’ve traveled a long and winding road, literally and figuratively, to get to you. It all started circa 2007, when I picked up my very first camera and walked into a classroom/darkroom at the Washington School of Photography. I was fascinated with being able to turn lights and shadows into meaningful memories. The alchemy of photography possessed my soul, and my passion took me around the world! I photographed weddings in European castles, monk ordination ceremonies in remote Asian villages, sunrises and sunsets over the Seven Wonders of The World, Rwandan gorillas mating and Serengeti lions hunting. I carried my gear through 50 countries like Sisyphus carried his rock, except to me it was not a curse but a blessing.

But enough about me. Let’s talk about YOU!

Words cannot describe how lucky I am to have you in my life, so let me tell you how much I appreciate YOU!

  • Thank you for letting me photograph the worldliness and whimsical uniqueness in YOU;
  • Thank you for sharing my genuine admiration of cultures;
  • Thank you for your natural curiosity about the world – it really shines through in your portraits;
  • Thank you for your free spirit;
  • Thank you for expanding your horizons and finding joy in trying new things;
  • Thank you for fitting adventure in your life;
  • Thank you for letting me document a day in your life journey;
  • And thank you for your trust and support.

I can’t wait to tell a story of your wedding day or your family adventure or your noble cause or a fabulous party you are organizing!

Drop me a line and let me know what’s on your mind!

With Love,


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